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Dr. Joseph Mophat Kilioba

Dr. Joseph Mophat Kilioba

Dr. Joseph Mophat Kilioba is the Bishop and General Overseer of PEFA, Kenya- a Kenyan Evangelical Denomination with at least 3,200 churches and over a million members.

Bishop Mophat has had a strong passion for education in the church for years, having authored five books covering topics including Church Leadership and Growth, Marriage, and Missions. Starting in 2012, Bishop Mophat pioneered the use of Nation-2-Nation Christian University to train pastors and Christian leaders in PEFA churches and other congregations in East Africa. Bishop Mophat completed the N2NCU program himself as a student and has been a strong advocate of its community development training. To date, over 600 pastors and leaders in East Africa have graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies and Ministry from N2NCU.

Bishop Mophat has pastored for over 35 years in churches in Nairobi with a current congregation of over 1,500 members. He has taught at a local Bible College for 15 years and enjoys preaching both locally and internationally. He and his wife Donah have three adult children. His son Paul is also a successful pastor and leader in the PEFA Kenya denomination.


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